Pacific Mist™ Clean Breeze Room & Fabric Refresher

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Pacific Mist™ Clean Breeze Room & Fabric Refresher
From $29.90

    There’s nothing like the smell of a clean home from an amazing air refresher spray.

    Something about it makes you want to put your feet up, take a breath, and unwind. But homes are never that simple.

    Nasty odors like garbage, pets, and smoke have a tendency to linger.

    No matter how much we clean, we can’t always keep up – especially with children or animals running around.  

    Thankfully, there are some great air refresher sprays out there to help with this. Unfortunately, not all of them work. Many of them advertise long-lasting odor control, but what they don’t advertise is how the products can ruin furniture with stain or mold.

    They also don’t advertise all of the chemicals that go into making these products.  

    Pacific Mist™ Clean Breeze Room & Fabric Refresher is a great air refresher spray!

    Pacific Mist™ is great air refresher spray that’s water-based and safe to use around pets/children. 

    This exciting new formula makes contact with the source of the odor for a long-lasting fresh scent. Putting your feet up at the end of a long day never felt so good.


    Where to Use

    You can use this on absolutely everything. It doesn’t leave stains or moldy after-scents. It’s also great for bathroom floors, toilets, and sinks. This product is also great to have on hand in office buildings or high-traffic areas.  

    How to Use

    Pacific Mist™ air refresher spray is simple to use. For furniture, lightly spray on the desired area and leave to dry. It starts working the moment the surface gets damp, so there’s no need to use too much. A little goes a long way. For cleaning toilets, urinals, or bathrooms, spray and leave for a few moments before wiping dry. You can also use it in the air for a quick refresher whenever you need it.  

    When to Use

    Feel free to use this multiple times per day if you please. The lack of harmful chemicals makes it safe to inhale at any time. Because a little goes a long way, it will last you longer than other odor eliminating refresher sprays. It isn’t aerosolized, which makes it harmless to the environment and easy to store. The Clean Breeze scent is refreshing and gentle — not overpowering. Spray away! 

    Available in 24 oz. bottles and cases of 12. Looking to take care of urine odors and stains? Try Uradicator™ Odor & Stain Remover.


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