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Pacific Breeze® Schools & Universities Odor Control

There are very few places that rival schools and universities when it comes to high-traffic environments. When you have hundreds upon hundreds of students packed into small spaces, the air is going to be thick with two things: stress and strong odors. Recently, some schools and universities have started using aromatherapy to stimulate calm and improve student morale. 

While the research behind essential oils and aromatherapy has been sparse, more studies are emerging every day to praise the benefits of school and university aromatherapy. Scents are a powerful tool to influence mood and stimulate concentration. Educators are finding that they can use certain scents to create a highly-motivational environment, and because of this, students are learning at a more productive rate. 

There are two main reasons to use school and university aromatherapy: to cancel out stress (creating room in the mind for concentration) and to purify the air. Anti-stress scents like chamomile, ylang-ylang, frankincense, and mandarin trigger the brain to slow down the breathing and relax the muscles. These scents, when used appropriately, can be extremely effective. 

Another thing to consider is that schools and universities are often breeding grounds for bacteria. During cold and flu season, adding simple aromatherapy into your routine can make a classroom smell (and feel) clean. Citrus scents like orange or lemon are particularly pure, which is why they’re used in cleaning products. They also have a tendency to linger, which means fresher air for longer periods of time. 


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