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Pacific Breeze® Hotel & Condo Scent Branding

Over the years, the hospitality industry has worked tirelessly to keep up with the latest trends in comfortability. Hosts and hoteliers know that everything from thread count to bathroom products makes a difference. Now, a new global trend is emerging for the hospitality industry: hotel scent branding. It enhances the customer’s experience, aids in their level of comfort, and even encourages them to return. Sense of smell is one of the most vivid senses, and we can use that to create a memorable experience for our guests. 

Investing in hotel scent branding is becoming more and more popular. Hotel managers and operators are finding creative ways to incorporate it. They’re learning that they can use it in their daily operations and even in their marketing strategies. These days, hotels are using a unique variety of scents to attach to their values, design, and service. Customers are beginning to associate certain smells with their vacations because of the way their hotel or condo smelled. 

Some hotels are starting to have their own scents and perfumes created for them. They’ll use diffusers throughout the space for a consistent release. Other hotels are deciding to use a particular scent in all of their cleaning products. Certain scents can even reflect the brand’s values or identity. Regardless of how hotel scent branding is used, it is sure to create a lasting impression on all of your guests.


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