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Pacific Breeze® Retail or Commercial Space Scent Branding

Businesses are starting to move toward retail scent branding, and for good reason – it brings the customers back for repeat visits. But how? How can a simple smell make customers want to return?

People associate smell with memories, places, and things. When a scent is repeatedly used in a retail space, customers begin to associate that scent with the shopping they did. If you use a common scent, like vanilla or lemon, a customer will think of your store when they smell it later. Your scent will remind them of their shopping experience, prompting them to return if it was a good one. 

Did you know that retail scent branding can also tell a consumer about the quality of your product? The smell of white jasmine, for example, is often associated with higher-class shopping. Some smells, like lemon or lavender, smell clean. Clean scents add an inviting aspect to your space and your brand. 

Attaching a scent to your space can tell your customers a lot about your brand, so it’s no wonder why more and more businesses are adopting this concept. Adding aromatherapy to your cleaning or diffusing routine is a great way to strengthen your brand and go the extra mile for your consumers. It’s an easy and effective way to create repeat business. 

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