Choose the Right Soap for your Business

Keeping your workplace clean and sanitary is an essential part of running a business. Your customers and employees will appreciate a soap that both feels great and helps keep your workplace healthy.

What are the benefits of using a good soap?

A clean workspace boosts employee morale, and one of the easiest ways to keep your workplace clean is to use a good soap. After all, no one wants to wash their hands with watery, slimy soap that leaves them feeling dried out.  

The right soap can help make you feel clean and confident.

Here are the best things to consider when choosing a soap for your business:

Safety. Some soaps aren’t intended to be used on the skin. Make sure you select a hand soap and not a detergent or cleaning soap. Many people also have sensitive skin, and a cleanser with harsh ingredients can damage their skin. You should also check to make sure you or your employees aren’t allergic to any ingredients in the soap.

Texture. It’s crucial that you like the way the soap feels when you use it. Sticky or grainy cleanser can be unpleasant and can leave a residue on your hands. Some soaps dry out your hands and chafe your skin. The best soaps for your skin contain lotion so that they clean and replenish your skin at the same time. Our Pacific Breeze Pink Hand Soap is lot-ionized for maximum comfort.

Fragrance. Soap doesn’t have to have a good smell to be efficient, but some people prefer scented soap. A scented soap that looks good, smells good, and is safe for your skin is an attractive feature to both customers and employees. A cleanser that doesn’t have a pleasant aroma or smells like detergent won’t be as appealing.

Health. It’s no secret that workplaces attract germs. By consistently using good soap when washing your hands, you have a better chance of removing any bacteria you’ve picked up throughout the day. This keeps you from getting sick or contagious and passing a sickness on to your coworkers.

Your business should be a hygienic place. By using the right soap, you keep it that way.

When should I use soap in the workplace? 

Bathroom. The most common place for soap is in the bathroom. This allows customers and employees to stay sanitary throughout the business day by washing their hands after using the toilet. Our Pacific Breeze Pink Hand Soap comes in a large container so that it’s easy to refill the soap dispenser throughout the day. 

Kitchen. If your workplace has a kitchen sink, you should have hand soap as well as dish soap. No one wants to use dish soap to clean their skin. Plus, employees and customers can easily wash any dirt or grime away, as well as any food particles or odors. All of these things contribute to keeping a clean, sanitary workplace. 

Office Work. Many daily business activities result in the need to wash our hands. Simple activities such as taking out the trash, cleaning up a spill, maintaining your workplace, sneezing or coughing, and touching objects everyone uses can spread germs. A hygienic, safe soap will help your workplace stay sanitary.

Which Soap Do You Recommend? 

Pacific Breeze Pink Hand Soap is made of the highest quality ingredients and is safe for sensitive skin. It is lotionized and honey-almond scented for maximum comfort, and it can be safely used at work and home.  

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