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How to get rid of garbage smell: best methods and products

Nobody likes a smelly dumpster. But sometimes, no matter how hard you try to clean up, trash can cause really unpleasant odors.

Many people try to solve the problem by covering up the smell, say with products like air fresheners for garbage cans. But these solutions do not eliminate the cause of the stench, and more importantly are not fit for commercial or industrial use.

It would be much better to implement prevention best-practices, and possibly to use products such as a granular deodorant.

Here’s what you should do.

What causes garbage smells?

Dumpsters and trash cans can stink even if you empty them often.

This is because the cause of odors is not the trash itself, but the liquids and bacteria contained in biodegradable items and in food or animal waste.

If you do not clean your dumpster well and make sure that the garbage is well dried, these will stick to its walls and cause mold and bad odors.

But why do they smell so bad?

The stench we smell coming from our dumpsters is caused by a decomposition process. When food or anything biodegradable starts to rot, bacteria feed on it and multiply rapidly, facilitated by the moist environment around them. And while doing so, they release chemicals such as phosphorus, nitrogen, and carbon.

This creates the bad scent we all know.

So, neutralizing dumpster smells is not only a matter of odor, but also of hygiene and wellbeing.

a row of dumpsters cleaned with granular deodorant

How do you neutralize dumpster smells?

Let’s look at 3 actions you can take to prevent these smells, and 2 dumpster deodorizers that can help you give your dumpster a more pleasant smell.

How to prevent smell from trash

Prevention is the always the best solution. And if you’re looking for a way to prevent your dumpsters from stinking, there are 3 things that you can do.

1 – Use good garbage bags.

This will help keep the liquids and oils in your trash from sticking to your dumpster. Also, if you seal them well, they will keep most of the bad odors inside. Just be careful not to break them when you toss them in.

2 – Keep your dumpster clean and dry

As you read above, dumpster smells are caused by the liquids and bacteria in biodegradable items. So try to make sure you don’t leave any trace of them behind. 

A great way to prevent the formation of a moist environment is to cover the bottom of your bin or dumpster with baking soda, kitty litter, dried coffee beans or other products such as moisture absorbent sheets and granular deodorants – we’ll get to that in a moment.

3 – Compost organic waste

Sometimes, these precautions are not enough. Even if you strive to keep your dumpsters clean, they may be raided by feral cats, mice or raccoons. These animals often break garbage bags to eat the contents, littering the bins and bringing hygiene hazards with them. To avoid this problem, try composting your organic waste in a separate closed bin. Alternatively, you can try using taste deterrents such as peppermint oil to keep pests away.

These method are perfect for every type of garbage container, from a small trash can to big dumpsters. But if you’re operating on a commercial or residential level, you will need to use a professional dumpster odor eliminator as well.

a row of dumpsters cleaned with granular deodorant

How to neutralize garbage smells with products

If you want to get rid of garbage smells like a pro, here are 2 professional dumpster deodorizer granules designed for both home and commercial use that can help you with all of the best practices above, while also spreading pleasant scents. 

Commercial garbage odor eliminator

Commercial Use: Pacific Breeze® USA – Dumpster Control™ Granules

Our signature Dumpster Control™ Granules is a granular deodorant scientifically formulated for heavy-duty applications.

You can use it for restaurant or hospital dumpsters, refuse tracks, but also to neutralize odors from containers, incinerators, manure piles, sewage treatment plants, and landfill sites.

Using it is super easy. For an average dumpster, all you have to do is take about a cup of granules and spread them evenly over the bottom, like any of those moisture absorbent products we mentioned above.

This will be enough to:

– absorb all the liquids from your trash

– ward off pests

– spread good scents

It is available with different fragrances in 5 gallon buckets, and is designed to work best in warm or hot weather (which is when garbage smells the worst). And if you wish, you can also combine it with other products, such as our Golden Pacific™ Odor Eliminator.

If you have been looking for a commercial garbage odor eliminator, we are sure you will love Dumpster Control™. But if you were looking for a granular deodorant for home use instead, don’t worry. We have something for you, too!

Pacific Breeze granular deodorant for home use

Home application: Pacific Breeze® USA – Garbage Granules™ Odor Control


This line of dumpster deodorizer granules is designed for those who want to neutralize bad odors while also diffusing a pleasant aroma in their garage or garden.

You can use it on trash cans, garbage cans, and small dumpsters. It works exactly like Dumpster ControlTM, but is designed for home use. Therefore, it is sold in small, inexpensive packets, which can be purchased individually or in bundles of 5 and 10.

Each packet contains 2 oz of dumpster deodorizer granules, and is available with 3 of our best fragrances: Bubblegum Pink, Signature, and Sunday Morning.

With these best practices and products, you can get rid of garbage smell with absolutely zero effort. Choose the fragrance you like best and order the granular deodorant you need from our site. And if you need some more tips for making your home smell good, keep reading our blog!

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