Jumbo Bathroom Tissue 2-Ply – 12 Pack

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Introducing our top-of-the-line “Jumbo Bathroom Tissue 2-Ply – 12 Pack,” designed to provide exceptional comfort and convenience for your restroom needs. With a host of impressive features, this tissue is perfect for both residential and commercial use.

Each pack contains twelve rolls of our premium 2-ply jumbo bathroom tissue, offering unparalleled softness and strength. With an impressive length of 1000 feet per roll, you can be confident that these rolls will last longer, reducing the frequency of replacements and ensuring a steady supply for your restroom.

The jumbo roll design, with a diameter of 9 inches and a core diameter of 3.3 inches, makes it easy to fit these rolls into a variety of dispensers, ensuring hassle-free installation and maintenance.

We take pride in producing this tissue right here in the Northwest, using only the finest materials. Crafted from 100% wood fiber, sourced from renewable resources, our tissue offers an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional options. What’s more, the wood fiber used in our tissue is F.S.C. certified, guaranteeing responsible and sustainable forestry practices.

Experience the ultimate combination of comfort, quality, and sustainability with our “Jumbo Bathroom Tissue 2-Ply – 12 Pack.” Whether it’s for your home, office, or any commercial setting, this tissue delivers the perfect balance of softness and strength. Elevate your restroom experience today by choosing our premium tissue. Order now and enjoy the difference!

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