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Pacific Breeze Urinal Mats Restroom Matting

Urinal Mats

100% Recycled Natural Anti-Microbial Restroom Matting*

We catch what you miss.™

One-of-a-kind urinal mat design

Check out the new urinal mat designed by Pacific Breeze. It’s one-of-a-kind design is brand new and has never been seen before. Our unique ergonomic design prevents users from stepping on the mat. Users will no longer track urine around the restroom floor. Reverse the mat too… no problem! It still works.

*Mat top made with 100% recycled material

Our mat tops are made with 100% recycled materials, are theirs? The mats natural anti-microbial properties helps to protect and eliminate urine odors.

Natural anti-microbial protection

The natural anti-microbial matting offers protection on your floors and prevents odors from lingering.

Keeps floors clean & dry

Place the urinal mat directly under the urinal fixture touching the wall to provide the maximum effectiveness.

Helps protect floors from damage

Catch everything that is missed in your restroom. With the mat placed directly under the fixture it protects the floor from urine acid damage.

Save thousands in floor repairs & replacement costs…

By utilizing our urinal mat you will save hundreds if not thousands in the long run. Urine acid eats away at tiling, grout, laminate, wood, and many other flooring types often leaving a large area of discoloration and damage. Preventing urine from coming in contact with the floor will save you from having you replace the flooring. Save in repair and replacement costs.

pacific breeze urinal mats

Make it the next addition to your restroom

Customers perception of your facility will improve from a few simple changes. Add a urinal mat to your restroom and see the difference.

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Pacific Breeze Urinal Mat

Place it directly under your urinal fixture and protect your flooring from damage. Available in single, case or master case sizes!

Start From: $12.50

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